AH Extension Ladder series -AH-05

AH Extension Ladder series

Performance Overview

Load Capacity Material Color Rung Type Professional Number of Sections
90Kgs Aluminum Sliver D Rung Extruding 2 sections

Product Description

  1. Self-standing extension ladder.
  2. Easy to extend and retract.
  3. Extruded rung design provides enhanced security.
  4. All come with extra pole strap, handle, and heavy feet.

Safety Features

  1. Rubber strap: provides added stability.
  2. Handle: special easy-to-grip knob design.
  3. Cable hooks: designed for use when no wall is available. (extra charge)
  4. Anti-slip stopper: prevents collision when upper section is lowered.

(The picture above shows a photo of the AH-05 to use for reference only)

Feature Details/Size
Load Capacity 90Kgs
Safety Sticker 90Kgs
Material Aluminum
Rung Type D Rung
Color Sliver
Number of Sections 2 sections
Colse Hight 4340mm
Highest Standing Height 7090mm
Distance 330mm
AH-05 5110 3340 26.3 27 1P/C
AH-06 6100 4020 30.5 33 1P/C
AH-07 7090 4340 33 37 1P/C

This product is a custom product, confirm the size and style will not accept returns or exchanges required working hours, please contact us.
Product size and weight are for reference only, actual size to the actual main.