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Since its establishment, Chiao Teng Hsin has been adhering to the core values of integrity, safety, quality, service, and professionalism. It manufactures various functional ladder products and related accessories with high specifications and quality requirements. With the progress of the times, consumers are demanding more attributes and professionalism of all kinds of ladders. For 30 years, the company's professional technical R&D team has been innovating and improving its products to refine, improve and enhance the safety of users and the professionalism of products.

Chiao Teng Hsin was recognized again this year with the 30th Taiwan Excellent Award and was able to stand out from about 3,000 Taiwanese companies. This is the result of all Chiao Teng Hsin colleagues working and striving together!

This time, the award-winning lightweight agricultural three-legged ladder was developed in cooperation with the well-known Japanese manufacturer Hasegawa. In the field of horticultural and agricultural ladders, there are three main factors: the weight of the ladder is too heavy, the ladder is insufficient, and the terrain is uneven. The three-legged lightweight agricultural ladder (KGSC) can solve these three problems.


  1. Pursuing a light and material-saving design, the net weight is only 6 KG, which can be lifted with one hand to reduce the burden of work. Generally, it weighs 6.7 KG on the market.
  2. It has a compact shape and structure design, which can withstand 450 KG with a weight limit of 120 KG, in accordance with ANSI specifications. Generally, it has commercially weight resistance of 100 KG.
  3. For the terrain of Taiwan’s hillside, all the three-legged ladders can be stretched freely, which can be stretched up to 30 cm, which can adapt to uneven terrain. Generally, this function is not available on the market.
  4. There are 4 claws at the bottom of the three-legged ladder that can be inserted into the soil, making it more stable in the field.
  5. The three-legged ladder can be placed on the included non-slip rubber feet cover, which can also be used on flat surface without damaging the ground.
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