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Mascot- Male- Deng Deng/ Tang

The concept of design:

The company’s main CSI color system, with vitality/ passion/ sunshine as the main purpose, aims to reshape the new face of the character and improve the rejuvenation of the corporate image; wearing professional work clothes means the same as professional ability. Quality assurance is even more basic, and providing better services is a trend.

Since aluminum ladder products are still dominated by male consumers, male mascots are indispensable. However, we change the image of carrying a ladder on the shoulder in the past to a movement of going up by climbing. The main thing is to climb infinitely through the future, as well as to move more steadily upwards. Thirty years later, Chiao Teng Hsin can step on each step more steadily.

Mascot- Female- Shin Shin/ Shin

The concept of design:

Ladders into the home/ office/ life have become one of the things people have been used to in recent years. With the increase in demand from women, coupled with the increasing number of ladder products suitable for women, the design for ladder products is becoming more diverse, functional, lightweight, stylish, organized, and can meet the aesthetics and ergonomics of modern life.

Xin Xin wears the work clothes of Chiao Teng Hsin and holds a ladder in her hand, which means that the ladder is no longer the right to be used by men. Women's increased independence and autonomy allows them to better control and define their own needs. In addition, lightness is the key demand for women. Breaking the traditional concept of cumbersome, lightweight ladder make it easier for women to carry and use. Also means that as long as they are capable, regardless of gender, they will be valued.