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Chiao Teng Hsin Enterprises Co., Ltd. has been founded 25 years. We are appreciated that our new product, Aluminum Telescopic Steady Support (ATSS), can earn 25th Taiwan Excellence Awards. In 15 February 2017, Chiao Teng Hsin’s chairman and general manager received an invitation to attend the awards ceremony at Taipei International Convention Center. This was a day worthy of commemoration for Chiao Teng Hsin.

About ATSS, it can be installed on straight ladders and extension ladders. There are three main advantages of this product—safety, easy to operate, and innovated design. Moreover, for high-altitude workers, it can not only ensure their safety, but also increase work efficiency. The chairman Mr. Su Chi-Nan said,” ATSS can be one of the most representative products of Chiao Teng Hsin.”

The general manager Mr. Su Yi-Kuei said,”ATSS can stand out among the thousands of competitive products; it means that Chiao Teng Hsin’s ability of research and development, orientation of marketing and quality is approved.” However, Chiao Teng Hsin will always insist on our core value and manufacture high quality ladders to insure everyone’s safety.

Awards ceremony information:

  1. Date:Wednesday, 15 February 2017
  2. Time:09:00A.M.-12:00P.M.
  3. Location:Taipei International Convention Center (1 Hsin-Yi Road,Section 5,Taipei 11049,Taiwan ROC)